As we move beyond the Industrial and Technological eras, it looks as though science is catching up with confirming the ancient powers of poetry.

Consider this recent statement:

“Because the brain is agile, exposure to arts of all kinds fosters interconnectivity across a vast and complex network populated by hundreds of billions of neurons, influencing how we process and perceive creative experiences. The brain systems that engage with reward, motor activity, perception, and the senses are stimulated by art in ways unmatched by anything else.

“ can work hand in hand with traditional medicine to improve mobility, memory, and speech; relieve pain and the after-effects of trauma; enhance mental health and learning outcomes; build resilience; and prevent disease. Beyond its value for individuals, the arts can engage stakeholders collectively in pursuit of stronger, more equitable, and more resilient communities.”

This last, idealistic sentence is particularly encouraging given the state of the world today.

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