Poetry at Work

A recent email from Brick Books announces another intriguing new application of poetry. It begins:

“If you’re a poetry reader, you know that reading poetry can take you to a spacious internal place. To read a poem is to slow down to the level of breath, to pay close attention, and to feel a bodily sense of homecoming (literally—poetry activates an area of your brain associated with bodily awareness!).”

Aimed at the business world, Brick is offering a new two-hour group workshop for a company’s employees, with six weeks of poetic follow-up. By combining the practices of poetry with restorative yoga, it will “help open new ways of being and seeing at work” and lead to staff wellness and retention.

How intriguing to imagine the domains of art and commerce, right-brain and left-brain thinking, being brought closer together in this way. It will be interesting to follow how Brick’s new offering turns out.

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