2023 Posts

A List Arranged in Chronological Order

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Note: Hello Again

Commentary: Endorphins and Poetry

Commentary: A Little More Gauze (silly stuff)

Note: Discovering Form (1), why triads

Note: Discovering Form (2), four-line stanzas and pairs

Note: Discovering Form (3), beyond amorphous

Note: A Thrill, Russell Thornton’s hummingbird

Commentary: Never Alone, body of work as one long poem

Note: Art

Note: Commerce

Guest Note: Marvyne Jenoff ~ On Poetry

Note: Memorization

Note: Liftoff

Note: Ekphrasis ~ The Challenge

Creative Nonfiction: On Humility

Note: A Poet on Poets ~ Don Gutteridge

Note: Closure

Commentary: Whence a Poem (1)

Commentary: Whence a Poem (2)

Note: Image Spokes ~ K.V. Skene

Note: In Gratitude ~ Merla McMurray

Note: Whose Voice?

Note: Staying Open

Note: Line Breaks—Again

Note: Reality

Note: Interplay ~ Kate Marshall Flaherty

Note: Book Sales

Note: Relativity

Note: More on AI and Poetry

Note: Duality

Note: The Next Step?

Note: Whetting the Appetite

Note: Wordsworth vs Eliot

Note: Memorable

Note: The Big Why

Note: Perfection

Review: David Zieroth, Watching for Life (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2022)

Commentary: Looking Back ~ Confessions of a Little-Magazine Editor

Note: Stanza Breaks

Note: A Deeper Look ~ Susan Zimmerman’s “Get Close”

Note: Poetry and the Brain

Note: Wordless

Note: Sequence (1) ~ Camera

Note: Sequence (2) ~ Narrative

Note: Sequence (3) ~ Sideways

Note: Sequence (4) ~ Curiosity

Note: Seen or Silent (1) ~ Page as Gold Standard

Note: Greetings ~ Holiday Season